My Social Trip: Create and Sell your own Tours


  • You love planning trips from A to Z for yourself and your friends, so much that you are known among them as “the travel guide”?

  • You are a travel influencer, a true expert about the destinations you talk about, and you would like to travel there bringing your followers with you?

  • You are a travel specialist who already works in this business and wants to take advantage of the power of Internet to boos your career?


You know what you want to do…you just need My Social Trip to make it real!

My social Trip is the first tour operator born to answer to your needs! 

With our platform you will be able to create, organize and sell group tours online, safely and simply, with the administrative support of an international tour operator.


If you always dreamt of creating and selling your own itineraries, what are you waiting for?


Wether you are a well-known blogger or a travel specialist just starting out, MySocialTrip has a solution for you: we will support you at every step in order to create the perfect group tour for your audience!


Now that you have the perfect itinerary, it’s time to find the traveller that will follow you in this adventure!

You can sell your trip online, directly on your channels or through our platform. You choose, we help!


You choose the kind of tour, the activities and the price.

You choose your local partners or we may help you with that, you can sell it to your followers or ask our help to reach a greater audience…the choice is always yours!

Why would you need My Social Trip to sell your tours?

  • Creating and selling tours is complicated: for it to be safe and compliant you need to be a licensed tour operator.


  • My Social Trip is a tour operator which specialized in Travel Bloggers’ tours: we can guarantee a safe and convenient service, plus a specialized business based in Switzerland.


  • A team of professionals from digital marketing, travel agency and technical operations will take your hand and help you sell your tour to the audience

Who can we help?


Our business is perfect for everyone wishing to sell personalized group tours:


– bloggers

– travel influencers

– tourism specialists

What do you need to do to work with My Social Trip?


Working together is a win-win business: we care about what you care. No limits for you: you can use your own brand and have all the space you need. You will always receive our administration help in a simple and straightforward way.

With us there is NO need to:


– show My Social Trip’s logo on your sales page

– tag our business on Social Media, if you don’t want to

– use our website, our email or anything else


The tour is yours, we are the invisible hand making it possible.

Our services:

Here is what we can do for you:


  • We provide you with an economic proposal for a group tour based on the personalized itinerary you choose to travel on


  • We publish your tour for free on My Social Trip’s website, with a professional sales page (but you can choose to use tour own website to sell your tour)


  • Continuous assistance during every step of the process


  • Certified Helpdesk to follow up on your clients 

Great! How can you start to create and sell your tours on My Social Trip, then?

Step 1: Let's make contact!

Get in touch with us and let us know what kind of tour you have in mind

Step 2: Plan the itinerary

Once the itinerary is clear, together we decide the sales price, which includes the free trip for you and/or an economic mark up. We will guide you and answer all your questions, thanks to the years of experience of our staff.

Step 3: Publish your tour...EVERYWHERE!

Once the tour is ready, we publish it on MySocialTrip and you use all your channels to promote it. Your clients will start coming in with questions and booking the tour online.  

Step 4: Start the tour and make money with your passion for travel!

It is this simple! Your tour is on fire and everyone wants to join (this is even easier if you involve your followers and personal contacts who want to follow you around the world), we just need to collect the payments and…let’s go! 

“Wow, this is exactly what I was looking for! What should I do to begin?”

Tell us your project!

Contact us through the below button and explain us your travel idea. Answer the following:

  • Where do you want to go?
  • What kind of tour/itinerary?
  • How many days?
  • How well do you already know the destination chosen?
  • Do you already have contacts there?

They are already working with us: